What is The Great Big Boo!
The Great Big Boo! is a Halloween event created especially for families – a safe, not scary, spectacularly fun event. First you get to watch a live musical show filled with music and dancing, then you get to trick-or-treat indoors with the stars of the show.

Is The Great Big Boo! going to scare my kids?
The Great Big Boo! has been created especially for children aged two to 12. Vinnie the Vampire is not a scary vampire – he is a vampire who’s afraid of the dark. Frankie the Monster wears a silk robe and wants to be a lounge singer. Wendella the Witch is the only slightly scary character, threatening to cast a spell on Halloween that ends all trick-or-treating, but she turns good at the end of the show, finally gaining the courage to dance in front of people. The event has not been designed to scare. It has been created to make kids laugh and dance.

Is it the same stage show as the previous Great Big Boo events?
Yes, like Annie or The Nutcracker, The Great Big Boo! is a theatrical musical stage show filled with all your favourite songs that you will come to recognize. We hope to make it a Halloween family tradition.  The post-show trick or treat portion of the event will take place in the lobby of theatres immediately following the show with favourite characters from the cast of The Great Big Boo!.

Are we supposed to wear costumes to the show?
Costumes are highly recommended to increase the fun and excitement for the children, but are not required. In the past, most of the audience, including parents, has come dressed in some outrageously excellent outfits.

When do tickets go on sale?
Click here for ticket schedule and ordering information.

What are the appropriate ages for The Great Big Boo!
The Great Big Boo! was created especially for children aged two to 12 and their families. Children under the age of two are welcome to come too, though due to theatre regulations, a ticket and seat must be given to every person attending the event, even infants. Tickets for children under the age of two are free, but service charges apply and you must inform the ticketing agent in advance when you are bringing an infant. Children over the age of 12 will love the music, the silly jokes in the show and the trick-or-treating. Parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles will love how happy the show makes the kids!

I have a five year old and a two month old. If I bring my two month old along with me and he’s sitting on my lap for the whole show, do I still need to get a ticket for him?
No, children 24 months and younger do not need to purchase a ticket for The Great Big Boo! 2012.

How long is the event?
The entire event last for approximately one hour and a half. The Great Big Boo! musical stage show is just over an hour, including an intermission. Following the show, the Great Big Boo characters will be handing out trick-or-treat candies for approximately 30 minutes.

Are cameras allowed?
Yes, cameras and video cameras are allowed.

Are strollers permitted? 
There will be an area available for stroller parking at your own risk.

How can I purchase souvenirs other than at the performance?
Email info@TheGreatBigBoo.com to find out about the availability of Great Big Boo! soundtrack CDs and other souvenirs.

I still have more questions. How can I contact you?
Email us at info@TheGreatBigBoo.com.